by Kathleen Jordan


         The Edgewood EDC was organized exclusively for the purpose of improving and promoting economic development for the City of Edgewood, Texas, by dedicating the revenues allocated from the economic development sales tax to job creating purposes. We were created under Section 4A of the Development Corporation Act of 1979.  The Edgewood EDC was voted in and defined by City Council Resolution dated September 16, 2003 for providing employment and jobs in Edgewood. 
         The affairs of the Corporation are managed by a Board of Directors  consisting of 7 seats. It is the sincere interest of the Edgewood EDC board to support the Business Growth and Improvement of our business community in a positive and impactful manner with our actions in a cooperative effort with the Edgewood City Council.


Charles Prater
Mike Spoor
Tonya Stoltzfus
Melissa Cooper
Gary Bass
Payton Spoor
Helen Howell