Career Opportunity

Police Chief Position and the Police/TCOLE Employment Application:
The City of Edgewood is seeking to fill the full-time position of Police Chief

The Chief of Police will be responsible for the management for all Police Department services and activities, including enforcement of laws, statutes and ordinances, crime prevention, criminal investigation, emergency communications, and other related law enforcement activities.

Duties and responsibilities include but not limited to coordinating, planning, and directing all aspects of department operations, responding to and directing calls/occurrences, regulations, developing departmental budget and controlling expenditures, supervising employees, and providing information and assistance to the public. Work with outside agencies and other departments. Oversee establishment, planning, and supervision of the police training to include all necessary training to keep the department in compliance with TCOLE requirements. Protects the community of the City and its property by striving to promote compliance to laws and ordinances using enforcement, public education, and representation.

The Chief of Police must be willing to provide long term, stable leadership to the City of Edgewood. The selected candidate will be a person of integrity and dedication, to preserve life, to enforce the law, and to work in partnership with the community to enhance the quality of life in the City of Edgewood. This is a “working Chief” position and is expected to be seen active in the community.

Starting salary will be based on qualifications and experience.

Submission Requirements:

  • Employment Application
  • Possess TCOLE Advanced Certificate, must be TCOLE Certified
  • TCOLE Personal History Statement
  • TCOLE Authority to release form
  • Broad background of specialty skill training and certifications
  • Must complete required police chief training courses within first 12 months of employment in this position, if necessary

Qualified professionals are encouraged to submit their resumes/application by November 1, 2023.

Mail: P.O. Box 377, Edgewood, Texas 75117 ATTN: Petra Marley
In Person: 107 NE Front Street, Edgewood, Texas 75117