by Kathleen Jordan

Edgewood Business Grant Types Available within the Corporate City Limits for Consideration:

  • “New Business Sales Tax Generating Grant” is designed to support new businesses that create greater employment opportunities (jobs) while contributing significant sales tax revenue for the City of Edgewood
  • “New Business Non-Sales Tax Generating Grants” are designed for new businesses that are more commercial or service in scope generating minimal sales tax revenue for the City of Edgewood while creating employment opportunities (jobs) for the community
  • “Existing Business Exterior Enhancement Grants” are designed specifically to improve the appearance of our business community while making Edgewood a more viable choice for new businesses looking to relocate or start-up  in Edgewood or to draw a larger customer base from our trade area demongraphically

Grant Descriptions and Requirements:

New Bus.SalesTaxGenerating_EDC

New Bus.Non-SalesTax Grant_EDC

Ext. Enhancement. Grant

Grant Application:

(To be submitted to the City Office to the attention of the Edgewood EDC)