Edgewood Waterworks now offers the option of free drafting to all of our customers! It’s convenient, saving you time and/or postage, as well as your payment is always on time, eliminating late charges. Click HERE to print and return our Recurring Payment Authorization Form to get started now.

Please note: Edgewood Waterworks drafts straight out of your bank account the 10th of every month.

 Water Bill Payments:


2018 Annual Drinking Water Report

Click here to print Edgewood Water Agreement paperwork.

To open a new water account with the City of Edgewood we will need the following:

  • Picture ID (Drivers License or TX ID card)
  • Service Agreement
  • $150.00 deposit

Click here to pay deposit online. 

*Please note- No cash will be accepted at City Hall. Payments made in office must be made by check, money order, cashier’s check, or credit card.  To make a payment by phone, please call our automated line at 1-888-604-7888  (PLC#8871).

General Information

1.  Water Bills are due by the 10th each month. Computer automatically adds a 10% late charge to the past due amount on the 11th of the month. ALL UNPAID ACCOUNTS WILL BE DISCONNECTED WITHOUT FURTHER NOTICE ON THE 16TH OF THE MONTH.

If your account is not paid by 8:00 A.M. on the 16th, a $30.00 reconnect fee will be charged to your account. Please note that we are unable to turn your service back on unless we have the past amount and the reconnect fee in hand. (NO EXCEPTIONS).

2.  WATER:  Residential rates starts @ 2,000 gallons $27.00, commercial rates $32.00.

3.  SEWER:  Sewer fee for residential and commercial is based on water usage. Residential rates starts at $15.00, outside city limit rates are $23.00, and commercial rates starts at $18.00, outside city limit rates are $33.00.

4. SANITATION:  Sanitation fee for residential customers is $17.31 per month. Fee for commercial hand pick up is $21.18 per month. Dumpster fees are different fees, according to size.

Sanitation for residential and commercial hand pick-up’s all will be on Wednesday.

Nine (9) bags is your limit per trash day. Limbs will only be picked up if tied in 3 ft. bundles. No more than 50 lbs. in weight.


Trash needs to be bagged and in the provided trash receptacles at your curb by 6:45 A.M.

*Republic Services Current Sanitation Rates

*Republic Services Sanitation Rate Change Notice


5. AMBULANCE:  Ambulance fee is $4.00 per month per family.

Water and Sewer Problems:  Call 903-896-7144.

OnCore Electric Website for electrical service needs/issues: www.oncor.com